by Sedlec Ossuary

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released January 16, 2015



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Sedlec Ossuary Kansas City, Missouri

Formed in December 2008, Sedlec Ossuary is a 5 piece metal band from Topeka, Kansas. 'Harsh Barge EP' dropping January 16, 2015!

Hunter hallman
Dylan Watt
Juan Saenz
Tanner Russel
Kevin DeFreece
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Track Name: Harsh Barge
This is the hardest trial of life, always searching through the fog and the mist for light,

This is your darkest most vicious nightmare, compared to torture your better off dead, harsh

Floating downstream among the decaying carcasses,

this is no dream but a product of consciousness,

Hell is among us all, buried deep within three pounds of flesh.

This is the harshbarge, perception is endless, something only the strongest can conquer

The weak cannot prevail as are barge begins, the ship has set sail.

Suddenly my eyes clear to the vision of never ending darkness,

All consuming, all fulfilling, emptiness.

Time ceases to be all there is in this life hazed by hope,

And as the stars hang above our heads take your chances because,

Were all this close to dead.

Becoming this close to dead.

Create quick shelter hellish winds are closing in and fast,

With rain and hail the ocean roars and typhoon soon shall pass.

The waves are crashing down, consuming all of this life around.

They yell and chant in tones of mercy, old prayers and hymns,

Begging the ocean to allow this barge to pass, and see the light of day.

They yell and chant in tones of mercy, old prayers and hymns they sang.

This crew shall not crumble, only triumph with no less than a stumble.

Believed to be the gnarliest crew around, pushing through the waves and never bound.


We will not follow the wretched, Beilever in filthmaster of Lies.

Under the stars and sky our directions are clear, and there is no stop to this madness we cause.

This is the harshbarge, perception is endless, something only the strongest can conquer

The weak cannot prevail as are barge begins, the ship has set sail.
Track Name: The Hunter
Venom seeps into my soul, Vital signs diminishing.

Its lethal fangs sink deep into warm flesh,

Beginning the countdown to rigor mortis,

Paralyzed by fear my pristine vision becoming unclear.

Internal temperature rising, a cold sweat begins.

The venom coursing swiftly through my veins.

As nausea sets in, shock envelops its relentless effects,

All sensing failing, now starting decent.

White blood cell regiments, kill on contact

Black poison completes its reign over all remaining veins.

AAHHH, no this can’t be the time, I see my life flashing right before my own eyes.

She drags me down into her deep dark black hole,

I’ll say goodbye to body, mind, and soul,

And in the cold bloody pool that I bathe,

I give up, because there’s no one to save.

A silk spun web, carefully creating my coffin,

A sick celebration for pre-ceremonial death.

And as she feeds on liquidized flesh,

Her children join in, she’s happy the kids are all fed.

Nothing remaining complete darkness has overcome,

Now she waits for prey to fall in the trap she’s spun,

Addicted to the taste of blood on her tongue


Venom seeps into my soul, vital signs diminishing!
Track Name: Maze Escape

A Brainwashed planet, filled with worse than men,

Fear and terror infect.

One thought, one desire, felt through out my soul,

To know the quest of my existence,

All things designed for purpose, what is mine?

I will not follow, I will not pledge just yet.

Make my own way, decide my own fate.

A brainwashed planet, filled with the worst of men,

Fear and terror infecting daily process,

Belief for better only myth

A maze with no escape.

The confusion, is all

a realm too,

A perfect yearning for the earthlings,

A perfect yearning for destiny

Distractions interrupt my self discovery society persuades in the most powerfull ways.

Searching for answers, endless questions remain

Liiiiiiiiiiife, a long road riddled with, intertwining phenoms of plight.

We’ll find our purpose, our meaning to the creation of our mortal souls.

Each day a piece of this twisted puzzle connected coming together

To form a greater image

in my long due awakening,

Not far away from my reach, NOT FAR AWAY
Track Name: Zion
The machines haven taken the earth,

Turned it cold only ash remains,

A mechanized wasteland, of rocky terrain

Stains of blood, and our bones in muuuuuuud

They’ll see no end, to destroying everything we defend


Each human placed in a pod, covered in slime for the rest of its time,

Connected by tubes to the spine, sedated to comatose

Exceding their creators, waiting to die harvested for our electrical energys

Tower like structures, holding endless pods like mine.

Wake up, Wipe the slime from your eyes,

Awake into this fabrication called life.

This must be real, a rip in dimension or time, a rip in time

Our brothers have been forgotten, lost deep into a dreamlike wasteland

Down into the core of the earth, where no electrical currents can flourish and lurk

The darkest cavern, the last human city is birthed.

They’ll kill with no remorse, attack with deadly force,

A massacre awaiting its fatal start,

This war must begin, a homeland we must hold and defend.

In time human life will reign again, we’ll leave our past behind us,

And leave our sins.

This is all prophesized in the end, damnation for the ones who lived in sin.

A cursed future for betrayers, separation from your soul,

With every intent to harvest the humanoids

From their souls, examined and inspected, suspected to be disease infected

If the humans are not all fully connected.

Buried deep within the ground where the last human city is found,

This is the place where salvation can thrive
ZION, we must rebuild. Zion, we must defend

Fire lines our streets in darkness, as the men keep watchfull eye

For the horrors that creep in the night

Zion, we must rebuild. ZION, we must defend
Track Name: 52 Years
Why have I been chosen, by the gods.

To fulfill my service and cease the air I breathe.

No prophet, no soldier of war

A duty fit for a man, when im just a kid

They said, “consider it an honor to be the offering,

The sun will rise another day for your sacrifice,

Your blood bone and flesh will please our king”

Old stories tell good fortune, but theres no light,

At the end of the tunnel for me!

the dial strikes midnight, moon is full and clear in sight,

All flames are out, the offering begins

The priests assembly quickly, leading me up the stairs

Blood soaked and stained, but soon mine too shall be drained

Obsidian knife is put to lathe, (put to lathe)

to assure my flesh can be severed by the sharpest of blade. (blade)

Carved and cut, skin splits with ease

Lungs still breathing, heart still beating

In mumbled tongues, prayers are made

This childs life will bring new days

time is no longer with me, heart now in flames.

In smoke my soul is set free, no more gods to please

Fifty Two Years, one life will bring a new day

Fifty Two Years, if chosen there is no mercy

I was the carrier, but did not carry,

The gift given, and taken by the gods

Fifty Two Years, treasures and blood

taken in an act of brootal sacrifice

Fifty two years, women and children scream at the sight of the flame.

Fifty two years, bring the offering closer. Now. Here. Fifty two years
Track Name: The Foundation

In storys forgotten and old, that the wise ones seldomly told,

A filthy road that leads to streets paved, with solid gold.

No luxury this will be a harsh barge sure to bring all misery

To the ones who attempt this suicide journey

Upon completion, the achievement made proves that of your worth

To the foundation, great reward will call your name.

Look to the stars they will light your way, through darkness and pain

This barge must be complete.

The hourglass of life is no longer in hand, time stands still

With each falling grain of sand

Torn and tattered garments reveal the calaced sunburnt flesh,

Weve crossed a desolate wasteland filled with scattered human remnants

This road of filth considered a deathwish, this barge has taken its toll

A forgotten token that was stolen from the soul

Weve made it through the river of hades,

And proven we are all worthy

A prospering foundation built on hard work and grit,

With full intent we’ll defend our kin and escape plague of sin.

A mirage it seems, filled with flowing lakes and streams

Too close to paradise, no more infections from the deadly micro parasites

Through the darkest bone chilling nights, and the massive storms

That cover our sight, no roadblocks discourage our excavation.

We must find our shrine, the foundation.

After traveling far and wide, perseverance is the key to everlasting domination,

A tale of celebration, for the completion of endless annihilation

Eternally known by name, recognized for the storys of obliteration

We will not stop until we run the nation.

Into the darkness of this dying world, the American dream has all but fallen

Into a pitch black abyss. Humanity forever changing

Constant control of the swine

This future of chaos and ruination shall not be mine

We’ll storm the plains, and split the sea

care free of indefinite cosmic prophecies.

reach out and try your souls, (breath in and grunt)

gather your strength, and we will bring them down.

this is my last fucking stand, my salvation is no means to and end.

i have given my last breathe for this my last fucking stand x2

this is my last fucking stand

last fucking stand we will prevail

Torn and tattered garments reveal the calaced sunburnt flesh,

Weve crossed a desolate wasteland filled with scattered human remnants

This road of filth considered a deathwish, this barge has taken its toll

We made it through the river of hades, and proving we are all worthy.