52 Years

from by Sedlec Ossuary



Why have I been chosen, by the gods.

To fulfill my service and cease the air I breathe.

No prophet, no soldier of war

A duty fit for a man, when im just a kid

They said, “consider it an honor to be the offering,

The sun will rise another day for your sacrifice,

Your blood bone and flesh will please our king”

Old stories tell good fortune, but theres no light,

At the end of the tunnel for me!

the dial strikes midnight, moon is full and clear in sight,

All flames are out, the offering begins

The priests assembly quickly, leading me up the stairs

Blood soaked and stained, but soon mine too shall be drained

Obsidian knife is put to lathe, (put to lathe)

to assure my flesh can be severed by the sharpest of blade. (blade)

Carved and cut, skin splits with ease

Lungs still breathing, heart still beating

In mumbled tongues, prayers are made

This childs life will bring new days

time is no longer with me, heart now in flames.

In smoke my soul is set free, no more gods to please

Fifty Two Years, one life will bring a new day

Fifty Two Years, if chosen there is no mercy

I was the carrier, but did not carry,

The gift given, and taken by the gods

Fifty Two Years, treasures and blood

taken in an act of brootal sacrifice

Fifty two years, women and children scream at the sight of the flame.

Fifty two years, bring the offering closer. Now. Here. Fifty two years


from HARSH BARGE, released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Sedlec Ossuary Kansas City, Missouri

Formed in December 2008, Sedlec Ossuary is a 5 piece metal band from Topeka, Kansas. 'Harsh Barge EP' dropping January 16, 2015!

Hunter hallman
Dylan Watt
Juan Saenz
Tanner Russel
Kevin DeFreece
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