Maze Escape

from by Sedlec Ossuary




A Brainwashed planet, filled with worse than men,

Fear and terror infect.

One thought, one desire, felt through out my soul,

To know the quest of my existence,

All things designed for purpose, what is mine?

I will not follow, I will not pledge just yet.

Make my own way, decide my own fate.

A brainwashed planet, filled with the worst of men,

Fear and terror infecting daily process,

Belief for better only myth

A maze with no escape.

The confusion, is all

a realm too,

A perfect yearning for the earthlings,

A perfect yearning for destiny

Distractions interrupt my self discovery society persuades in the most powerfull ways.

Searching for answers, endless questions remain

Liiiiiiiiiiife, a long road riddled with, intertwining phenoms of plight.

We’ll find our purpose, our meaning to the creation of our mortal souls.

Each day a piece of this twisted puzzle connected coming together

To form a greater image

in my long due awakening,

Not far away from my reach, NOT FAR AWAY


from HARSH BARGE, released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Sedlec Ossuary Kansas City, Missouri

Formed in December 2008, Sedlec Ossuary is a 5 piece metal band from Topeka, Kansas. 'Harsh Barge EP' dropping January 16, 2015!

Hunter hallman
Dylan Watt
Juan Saenz
Tanner Russel
Kevin DeFreece
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