The Hunter

from by Sedlec Ossuary



Venom seeps into my soul, Vital signs diminishing.

Its lethal fangs sink deep into warm flesh,

Beginning the countdown to rigor mortis,

Paralyzed by fear my pristine vision becoming unclear.

Internal temperature rising, a cold sweat begins.

The venom coursing swiftly through my veins.

As nausea sets in, shock envelops its relentless effects,

All sensing failing, now starting decent.

White blood cell regiments, kill on contact

Black poison completes its reign over all remaining veins.

AAHHH, no this can’t be the time, I see my life flashing right before my own eyes.

She drags me down into her deep dark black hole,

I’ll say goodbye to body, mind, and soul,

And in the cold bloody pool that I bathe,

I give up, because there’s no one to save.

A silk spun web, carefully creating my coffin,

A sick celebration for pre-ceremonial death.

And as she feeds on liquidized flesh,

Her children join in, she’s happy the kids are all fed.

Nothing remaining complete darkness has overcome,

Now she waits for prey to fall in the trap she’s spun,

Addicted to the taste of blood on her tongue


Venom seeps into my soul, vital signs diminishing!


from HARSH BARGE, released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Sedlec Ossuary Kansas City, Missouri

Formed in December 2008, Sedlec Ossuary is a 5 piece metal band from Topeka, Kansas. 'Harsh Barge EP' dropping January 16, 2015!

Hunter hallman
Dylan Watt
Juan Saenz
Tanner Russel
Kevin DeFreece
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