The machines haven taken the earth,

Turned it cold only ash remains,

A mechanized wasteland, of rocky terrain

Stains of blood, and our bones in muuuuuuud

They’ll see no end, to destroying everything we defend


Each human placed in a pod, covered in slime for the rest of its time,

Connected by tubes to the spine, sedated to comatose

Exceding their creators, waiting to die harvested for our electrical energys

Tower like structures, holding endless pods like mine.

Wake up, Wipe the slime from your eyes,

Awake into this fabrication called life.

This must be real, a rip in dimension or time, a rip in time

Our brothers have been forgotten, lost deep into a dreamlike wasteland

Down into the core of the earth, where no electrical currents can flourish and lurk

The darkest cavern, the last human city is birthed.

They’ll kill with no remorse, attack with deadly force,

A massacre awaiting its fatal start,

This war must begin, a homeland we must hold and defend.

In time human life will reign again, we’ll leave our past behind us,

And leave our sins.

This is all prophesized in the end, damnation for the ones who lived in sin.

A cursed future for betrayers, separation from your soul,

With every intent to harvest the humanoids

From their souls, examined and inspected, suspected to be disease infected

If the humans are not all fully connected.

Buried deep within the ground where the last human city is found,

This is the place where salvation can thrive
ZION, we must rebuild. Zion, we must defend

Fire lines our streets in darkness, as the men keep watchfull eye

For the horrors that creep in the night

Zion, we must rebuild. ZION, we must defend


from HARSH BARGE, released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Sedlec Ossuary Kansas City, Missouri

Formed in December 2008, Sedlec Ossuary is a 5 piece metal band from Topeka, Kansas. 'Harsh Barge EP' dropping January 16, 2015!

Hunter hallman
Dylan Watt
Juan Saenz
Tanner Russel
Kevin DeFreece
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